This one comes from a limited edition of 300 done at a convention in Tucson in '98. I'm pretty sure it's authentic, yet the Koenig looks a bit different than what I've seen. Maybe this is an older style of his signature?
The Doohan looks a bit light as well, but I think that was typical of his style of writing?
Just wondering what opinions others have of it aesthetically as well?

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These prints have been available on ebay and other online shops ever since they were signed. They are authentic. 

Thanks for alerting me to the whole QVC angle for Star Trek and Star Wars signed items Pete! There seem to be ton of them out there (of which this was probably one, but repurposed for their Fab Four tour?), and they seem reasonably priced as well, considering that they're genuine limited editions.

The only thing I would consider is the faint Doohan autograph since he is the "key" one for that poster.  Depending on the price I would not want to pay top dollar for it.  It is not like he is super rare and the others are still signing.  So I think bottom line is if you are comfortable with the looks and the price.  

Good point! There's a few going for around $100 on eBay which seems to me to be a reasonable price for these four signatures.



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