Hello guys, Could you give me your opinion on this please?

Apologies for posting this in wrong forum earlier.

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absolutely not.

Ah well thats £30 I'll never see again, Thanks Pete. Apart from in person can you personally recommend any genuine sellers of Fisher, Hamill and Ford signatures? Thanks

Does this signature look real?  I tried to get the signature where you could see it since it was partly signed on a dark area? Thanks, carrie%20f%20023.JPGcarrie%20f%20032.JPG

Just another forgery. 

Thank you very much

I am shocked because I bought this photo from a person that was a  Registered UACC dealer (#40). the COA says "Autographs plus" if my memory serves me right? I am sending it back to him. Lifetime guarantee, he has accepted the return. He insists it was signed in person??? Thank you for your help   :)

Pete definitely knows his stuff. Happy to see you get your money back.

Did he state when it was signed? The timeframe, or thereabouts? That's important with Carrie's signature. There's changes over the 40 years.

No timeframe, no chance.....no excuse, just a forgery.


There are UACC RDs that are super careful about authenticity, and others that I'd be surprised to see a genuine autograph from. It looks like you're getting a refund, which I'm very glad to hear.

I didn't realize that another photo I had of Carrie was his too. Maybe I should have you look at this one also. I think this one looks better, but I just want an opinion so I can send it back if not. Hopefully,Image%20%2827%29.jpgCapture%20CF%20coa%20snip.PNG this one is real.  Thanks


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