I'm taking commissions for #starwarscelebration here in Orlando. Not asking for anything too outrageous. Just $10.00 beyond the price of an autograph and ask that you purchase a minimum of three. Send in items welcome.

Also- I'll be at #wrestlecon. $5.00 beyond the price of anyone's autograph. Again, I ask that you purchase three. Pm me if interested. Thanks!

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Celebration is in Anaheim this year. Even Star Wars Authentics lists Celebration as Orlando, but it's not correct either.
Nope...It's Orlando this year.
Man it's been a long week! You'd think I would know where I am flying to considering I already have my tickets, hotel and airfare. I've been to the last 3 Celebrations in the US and I guess my mind took a dump when I first replied.

Every time I read Orange Count Convention center I think of Orange County California which is where Aneheim is. I grew up in Southern California and can't stop the association.

Sorry for being an idiot!

Ah, I wish I knew earlier. Looks like Felicity is sold out.

I'd like to purchase autographs from Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Billydee Williams, Ian McDiarmid, and Jeremy Bullock please!  Let me know if it's not too late.  Thanks!

Shoot me a pm as towhat you need. I'll have to charge a little extra for being so close to Celebration. Just need send in items by wed.

Can you add me as a friend?  I think I can't send you messages yet until you add me.  Anyway I'd like to purchase 8x10s for the above signers (Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Billydee Williams, Ian McDiarmid, and Jeremy Bullock) but I don't have any send ins.  Do they have generic 8x10's that the signers give? 

Hello! Would you be willing to take my Return of the Jedi poster to the SW Celebration to have Ian McDiarmid sign it for me? He has signings left for $90 on 15-16th. Happy to pay a commission but I just need one. My email is ecsiebert@hotmail.com.
Thank you!
Ed Siebert
Sorry, I meant to add I've tried for a long time to get Mr. McDiarmid on my poster. He's the last one I need to complete it so I'd be very grateful for your help! :)
Pm sent.



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