I have owned this Steven Spielberg autograph for many years.  It was authenticated when I purchased it.  I have always felt very good about it, with the exception of one particular characteristic.  I am very interested to hear the opinions of other members about it.  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks in advance.

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It looks like iOS photo uploads are working now.

Not for me Steve 

It turns out that Mike emailed images from his phone to his computer and uploaded them.

I am not a fan. 

Thanks for the reply, Pete.  This one has had me wondering for years.

Many thanks for the replies, both privately and publicly. My main concern with this autograph has always been the loop that connects the “S” to the “t”.  I have only been able to find a few examples of it over the years.  The other concerns with this autograph that have been brought to my attention due to this discussion are the “p” and the “g”.  I agree that the “p” is also atypical.  I can only find it in a couple of examples.  I still believe that the “g” is typical of many of the autographs that he has signed.

Any additional thoughts would be most welcome.  Thanks again.

Good news.  I was able to track this Steven Spielberg autograph to a reputable auction house back in 2000.  I was also able to find another example of the loop that connects the “S” to the “t”.  I am feeling much better about it.  Any additional thoughts would be most welcome.  Thanks again.

At least you are getting some optimism. So much has changed since 2000. I hope it's authentic for your benefit and peace of mind. I still have some concerns but that's just my personal opinion without studying Spielberg closely.

Such is the nature of our hobby.  Thanks, Joe W.



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