Just wondering what you guys thought.  Thanks for your time.

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I have a legitimate SRV LP signed in 89 and this looks pretty close to me (his signature would vary a little even across certain years and a lot over his entire career). I am always cautious with Stevie's graphs as there are some really good forgers out there who have fooled a lot of people. Might I ask the provenance on this piece or if it has been already been reviewed by any other 3rd party authenticators? If so, which ones?

No provenance that I know of and I haven't sent it to epperson yet.  I was going to do that on friday when I get paid. :/

Found the piece so its gonna be hard to nail down provenance. My best guess is its probably solid. I would get a QO from Roger Epperson on it for a 2nd opinion, but I would say its likely legit

This is fine in my opinion. I have a number of signed SRV items, including some in-person and they match the ‘89 period signatures.

Wow, thanks guys I appreciate it a whole lot

Yeah, I just noticed this faint year at the end of the signature.  I thought it said '85 at first but could also be interpreted as '89.  I checked and the album "texas flood" was released in 1983

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His 1985 era style signature was completely different than the shown style. The style in the shown record would be more specific to 1989 and 1990 (with a little variance in 1990).

had know stevie since the early 80s before brook big thru his death and my sigs from him were always the say full 3 world full graph very clean weather it was 82 or  84 or 90 ,it was the same now I didn't do him on the street I did him backstage all private.

the guitar i sold at heritage poster still have.i sold a few 8 x 10s to people on this site and i have in storage the original promo poster its 3 x 5 feet signed 

yexas flood was his first major release

Here is an example of SRV 89 autograph.

the big thing with stevie was there was a great forger  from the east that flooded the market way back then .so know who ur getting it from  ,a lot said soul to soul he did hats huitars u name it hes been discussed on this board before

I remember those "soul to soul" ones



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