This is a SUPPOSED Lennon autograph from WFIL. Signed during the weekend of May 16-18, 1975 at the WFIL Radio Station in Philadelphia where John was appearing as a special guest star for their Helping Hands Charitable Marathon to help raise money for local causes..

This is a shot in the dark. purchase. I can't guarantee any success in TPA. it's already been proven that many TPA services will put their own reputation first & just deem a supposed WFIL as inconclusive or not authentic even if it might be authentic. So "Caveat Emptor" is all I can say.

Only saving grace to it is its similar characteristics to this Caiazzo Authenticated WFIL signed Imagine.

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I just suspended Doctor Robert (The "WFIL" Man) for trying to sell a "questionable"—by his own admission— John Lennon autograph here. 

Really??? Nuhm's a good guy. He saved my friend Toby from buying a fake wfil shaved fish album. That album came out after the radio visit.

I mean I can see why, looking at your reason. But he really knows his stuff. Especially these fast radio station ones.

When a signature is on the border, as this one is, I wouldn't bother.

There are far better legit examples out there, with better provenance, superior to the sketchy ones.

I'd pass.

IMO Nuhm's a good guy, sad situation. 

Sad situation. He was only being honest here, which is better than some smart businessman writing a COA for $150 after which nothing would be questioned anymore. One of the large dealers even authenticated a preprinted autograph earlier this year, and also sold a fake WFIL with fake Caiazzo COA (and his own COA) because he didn’t recognise them. That’s a different situation but I much much much more prefer sellers who give their honest opinion rather than those who put their own signature on a piece of paper to boost sales and increase the price.

He has burned this particular autograph now so it’s gone.

Everything not obtained in person is a matter of believe and faith…..nothing can be proven. Identical copies in live ink are now appearing on the market, and they already have fooled buyers and sellers. It’s not a matter of this is “good” or this is “bad” anymore. That’s oversimplification. So the way this one was presented in my view was honest. He could have said “this one is OK” and could have used his WFIL reputation and “30 years of experience” etc etc etc (like some “experts” do in their letters), but he chose to explain the situation as he saw it. That’s rare in this field and it shouldn’t have been punished imo, but the admin decides of course!

Add me as another who vouch for Jesse (Nuhm). I purchased a Lennon autograph from him earlier this year and he is the most knowledgeable person I know in regards to late Lennon autographs. I know he is selling most of his collection to pay medical bills from a severe injury he sustained so I don’t think he meant any harm.

Who knows maybe Steve will reinstate him. How many chances did a certain “E” individual get before he was suspended?

He BURNED it? That shows what he really thought of it. 

I am maintaining Doctor Robert's suspension while I investigate his posts and activity on the site. That way he can't delete anything if he wanted to.

Good idea! Thanks.



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