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Adding this thread as they've had a lot of nice recent offerings, have interacted on the site, and seem generally good folks (in my experience)

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You get charged when you order the item as far as I have noticed. But check your c.c. statement to verify. If you didn't receive your item and it had been shipped check the tracking. They will not give you a hard time on resending or giving a refund if you never got it. Just contact them and they can look for themselves.

Already contacted them. They said the were contacting the distributor about it but they could not give me a timeline on when I would receive an answer. Probably just gonna do a chargeback. 

No tracking update since August 16, when the cd was handed off from UPS to USPS.

Your cd was most likely lost somewhere along the line or got chewed up in a postal machine. Too much time has passed even for media mail. I know they are slow but they usually make things right if you have the patience. Charge-back is an option if they aren't giving you some kind of answer in a timely manner.

yeah I had problems with several orders in a row late last year to earlier this year, but I guess i've been lucky because my last several have been fine, didn't really like the dark marker on a dark background on the Megadeth one but it was acceptable, and getting 2 signed items for one on the Little Big Town one made up for it. but i agree it's hit or miss with most of the companies these days

Dave Mustaine signed previous releases in silver, I know he knew exactly what he was doing when he signed these. I consider myself lucky as I seemed to score 2 with better placement than others I've seen, but overall, its still disappointing. This album was hyped up a lot. It turned out to be a decent album.. If this was signed in silver, It would have turned this from being a good item to add to my collection to a great item.. oh well, we move on.. the hunt continues

I fortunately have never had problems with Talkshop before.

My Edgar Winter vinyl arrived today and it too was not signed.

Same here as well…

Got the Edgar Winter LP yesterday and had no signature.  Cool LP, but no signature!

So far, no reply to email…

I now see the chicago cd's now come with a 5 x 5 signed insert when I purchased it it said 11 x 11 signed insert I don't know how things change after you purchase

Agreed. I believe only 'Steve Harkins' can clear up this confusion.The initial offer was for an 11x11 signed card with the CD,which sold out and was later changed to a 5x5 card.So they question remains are the original orders getting the larger card as advertised,Steve?


Artist management and the label informed us there was a change after solicitation and CDs would accompany 5x 5 card. We could either accept them or reject them but would not receive 11x11 in place for CDs. We greatly appreciate Chicago participating and this was not done maliciously. We understand the expectation initially was 11x11 with CD. Demand was exceptionally high and we have to ask the band to sign more. Bottom line, if you don't want the 5x5 with CD, we will issue a return authorization and and provide a credit upon receipt of the return. We are sorry about providing incorrect information. 


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