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Adding this thread as they've had a lot of nice recent offerings, have interacted on the site, and seem generally good folks (in my experience)

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Thank you Mikenmar2 for your continued business and glad you are enjoying the signed items.

Steve Harkins

Rock N Roll Channel

Hey Steve, I've also had mostly good luck and definitely enjoy the site but I have been talking to your customer service and it would be great if you could tell whoever is shipping to please pack a little better. I've had 3 orders in a row show up with cracked cases and a simple piece of cardboard on either side of the item would prevent that. not the worst problem but it would be nice to have the stuff not show up damaged 

Hey Kenny D,

Thanks so much for the feedback. I will convey the concerns to operations regarding the experience you've been having. We will issue blank CD cases if you make the request.

Agree the items should without cracked cases. Sorry that's been happening of late.


thanks, and yes they offered me a blank case but I prefer to keep the Sammy one sealed as it is with the autograph inside so I declined. it just seems to me that a couple of cheap pieces of cardboard would save both the companies and customers a lot of time and money from reshipping or returns, yet only a handful of companies pack safely to prevent damage. it's frustrating so figured I'd pass it along. 

Much appreciated, Kenny D. Good idea. While I don't control operations and their processes, I will forward the suggestion and the recent issues with shipments.


Hey Steve Harkins,

Any chance you might listen to upcoming artists to have on your future shows,such as Dave Mason(who has a book coming out next year),Peter Gabriel (who by the way is soon to release his first album in almost 20yrs.) Neil Young,etc. We've been extremely pleased the way you've offered new as well as established artists signing their music offering for us.

Once again we were hoping to have an audience with you for upcoming releases. Thank You!

Hey EJ-

Thanks for the great tips on Dave Mason and Peter Gabriel. We would love to have both on and will explore the possibilities. We'll have to do some research on which label is releasing Peter's album. Neil will be tough but it's never a 'yes' unless we ask!

So glad you've enjoyed the mix of artists we've worked hard to secure for the channel. 

You are most welcome and thank you for your engagement and loyalty. It is greatly appreciated.


Peter Gabriel records for Real World Records (his label) with distribution through Virgin Music.  Probably a longshot. I'd be sitting at a computer hitting F5 for hours waiting for it to go live if you did get him. . One of my all-time favorites.

Thanks for doing the research for me! I will Reach out to the label. Stay tuned.....


wrote to customer service but I’ll ask here in case you know. My signed Chicago card is missing robert lamm.  Are you getting more stock?

We hope to get a few select copies for issues such as yours. Estimated delivery to us is mid-November...please send a photo to me at

I will reinforce it for you...


I'm No Philosopher - New Book! by Kristin Chenoweth (

I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts - Signed, $22.99 Ships Jan 17th, 2023



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