UPDATE 1-26-2022: It took some time, but was able to get it to the Authenticators. They inspected it and it is Authentic, received the paperwork, COA with hologram, so it was a great weekend. I am so thankful to GOD for the blessing too. They also said they showed it to all their music colleagues and they loved it too. Just wanted to give a update. Everyone have a Blessed rest of the week.


New to the Forum and glad to be part of it. Your help would be Greatly Appreciated. My wonderful Parents saved their hard earned money & bought me this great Phil Collins autographed tambourine as a Christmas present, I was so surprised & Love it. Also do you all recognize this company ? The company they purchased it from said they have 25 years experience in the business and have ads showing they put on autograph collectible events & at the events JSA authentication will be there. The company is called Championship Caliber out of Florida, they have had tons of instruments & etc autographed items on Etsy & etc sites. The autographed Tambourine came with their COA which is really neat & like a plastic credit card. I would love to have other opinions of the authenticity, so again your help would be so appreciated.

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John, I truly really appreciate it. I am just just heartbroken. Hope & Pray we can get the money back. They was on Etsy & others sites like that I believe, I have listed some links on the 2nd page. Yes my Parents meant so well & tried so hard to get me something that meant so much to me. Thanks Again

Don't bother. He won't be able to tell you whether it's a copy. Person will only let you know if it's a Phil Collins autograph. It is a Phil Collins autograph; however, in all probability, it's a copy from the original.

Mikex, OK Thank You So Much, that will help save some money on doing authenticity check. Don't know why some people have to be so cruel & make copies then sell them as authentic. Again I appreciate your help.

I have a few of his autographs and it looks real to me.

Hello Gooch, Thank You for your information, I really appreciate it. I am still worried, but hope & Pray it is real since it cost my Parents so much.

Do you have a link to one of their shops, so we can check out their other items.

Yes, I would like to see the link.

How did you parents pay?

What are the terms and conditions of the COA?

John & Mikex, My Parents has all the receipts & etc. They paid through paypal. They had found it on his Etsy. Here is the link, but now I guess he has sold everything he had listed: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChampionshipCaliber

I believe PayPal will give you many months to dispute a purchase. 

John, OK Thank You So Much. I hope Paypal can help us out.

I did search on Google and a pinterest came up with some of their items here are a few links:


I think I saw a discussion of that Goodfellas poster. The way the signatures are evenly spaced are a big red flag.



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