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Yeah, I missed the Jade cd but no way in hell would I pay $300 for it. I got the full vinyl set though so I won't complain. 

Slightly bummed ordered the lot but had the jade cd cancelled im gonna have to resort to ebay ffs 

If you don't care if it's signed you might be able to get the unsigned cd and finish the clock face set. It shows the clock pic in the CD photo that's still available. But might look weird with one unsigned. 

Is it a clock? Do these even fit together as one?

The little pieces we see of the prints do not look like the ones from the clock face images. 

Oh maybe I wasn't paying attention close enough I thought the signed pics made up the clock face. 

Yeah need a signed one tbf 

Less than 40 Blood Moon left in US

Edit: either a glitch or they.restocked, it now says 4015 left. over 4600 for Mahogany.

Q. Does anyone feel the clock will sell out? Everyone buying up the cds and ,000's of them, will people look to buy the clock once they've got the cds?

I'm not a huge follower of her products, or how fast they sell out (besides signed stuff) so I could be wrong, but I'd just guess they'd make a ton of them to go with how many cds they'll sell. Most people these days don't listen to cds so they're kind of a novelty and it's a cool way to display the cds so I'd think they would have plenty to go around. But that's pure speculation. 

Just had e mail from her UK webstore saying Vinyl now available with signed photo - several hours after they went on sale... Just wondering why does it say Collect all 3, When there are 4 currently for sale?

I think there are four but the blue was on sale last week,originally only available for 48 hours then extended for another 24.They have taken that down now so only the other three are available.Pretty clever tactic again for completists!

It’s false advertising and a bit underhand - but most artists are doing this now - creating FOMO  saying something is only available for 48 hours, taking it down then putting the blue back up…. The Blue with signed photo is still for sale in the UK web store. 



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