I’m wondering if the autograph I purchased is authentic or not (photos attached). I’m not experienced in this area so help is greatly appreciated!! If it’s fake I am going to cancel the order I placed to get it. 

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It doesnt look right to me on first glance.

the COA is from a company called “everything entertainment” which i’m not sure is a trusted company or not. i’m extremely worried now that i bought a fake :( 

Was it an Ebay/Paypal purchase?

it was purchased on ebay. The seller had multiple ones he had collected over the years from her previous eras, and this was the newest one. He said he was selling them because he has far too many, and that the one I bought was signed at her GMA performance last month. 

How did you pay? CC? PayPal?

I used PayPal. 

Ok - dont panic. There are buyer protections in place if it is determined to be a fake.

Im no expert on Taylor, but this does not compare favorably to the ones I have (direct from her store).

See what others think. 

Do you have a link to the seller on Ebay? I would be interested in seeing their other items/prices.

I do. I’ll insert the link. (I probably should have known that the pricing was too good to be true..but I figured if he did have so many he’s selling that’s why he was selling them for less.)

Well, I’m trying to paste the link in here but it isn’t working. I’ll insert a photo of his username. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

That definitely is not real in my opinion. I’m glad you paid with PayPal.

It sounds like he saying that you got this signed photo for free when you bought the card. Is that correct? 

Yes. My friend was with me when I placed the order, and she said it was because technically, selling autographs over the internet indirectly from the person who signed it isn’t very “legal”. That’s why I figured he was doing that. 

File a claim with Paypal. He’s hoping that his cleverly worded scam wont hold him accountable for selling fakes, but Im confident Paypal will side with you.

File item not as described and explain what he did and how you found out it is not real.

Nobody sells real TS that low. Let alone has that many to sell.

Thank you so much for your help. I was hoping this wasn’t the case but it really was too good to be true. Maybe one day I can get my hands on a real one, I just don’t have the money to pay hundreds for it. I unfortunately missed the sale on her website of the signed Me! CD that was only $5 because I was at work. :( 

Sorry for rambling lol, but I do really appreciate it!!



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