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I am in the UK. My order just days APC in transit to local carrier on December 10th

I am in the UK and waiting for mine to arrive 

I have also gotten mine last week in Singapore. According to the USPS customs declaration label, it was mailed out on 17 December from Ferndale, Michigan.

Mine came yesterday, took over 1 month but they finally arrived. Any concerns about the signatures being auto penned , I don’t think so on these , but I guess anything is possible 

I was concerned about Autopen since they have been on sale for weeks now for $13 and because UMG is known for their Autopen but the scans I have seen look real, I don't see the little dots you usually see from the machine plus most on this forum have vouched for them so I'm going with authentic, of course mine haven't shown up yet but are finally on the way from Ferndale so I'll get a closer look soon

There have been no reports of autopen on any of the Taylor CDs

That’s what I been hearing too , I ordered 4 as gifts and each one looks a just a little different so I feel more comfortable 

Thanks for your insight , much appreciated 

I've bought 7 of these, not for resale. None are autopen, all are different. All are real. Taylor is doing things the right way during this pandemic. She's clearly a class act.



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