Hi everyone. I have this ball with 24 signatures on it but the real big one is Ted Williams. Wondering if you could provide thoughts as to its authenticity. Obviously there is a strangely written out "Roy Campanella" above it which is clearly not done in Roy's hand, but many of the other signatures on the ball look good to me. Would love a second opinion on Ted's though. Thanks!

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Definitely good, as is the Bill Terry, Stan Musial, Hoyt Wilhelm.

Thank you Steve, that's great to hear! Lots of names on the ball so glad to hear all the visible ones appear authentic. Any thoughts why the Campanella may be there? My only guess would be it was a well attended event and someone signed for him because he was present, but that's just a guess.

EDIT: Just looked it up and according to the HOF website, this ball contains nearly every HOF'er who was present at the 85 induction, including Roy. That's my guess for when it was maybe signed.

I was going to say it may be from a HOF ceremony.  Campanella would attend these, but was unable to,sig, so it may have been signed by the person whom accompanied him.

Makes a lot of sense now. Thank you very much for your feedback, it's a big help.

the Williams is authentic

Thank you terrier, very much appreciated!



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