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Hey guys I’m kinda new to this but I’ve come across this vintage doors album autographed by all 4 members . The one thing that’s off to me is that the album was released in April which at that time Jim Morrison was in Paris and also died 2 months later. Do you guy thing this would be possible for Jim to have autographed this album . Trying to figure out if I got ripped off.

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Unfortunately, it’s a known forgery style in my opinion. There are no known Morrison signed copies of LA Woman.

Sorry Isaac ,I agree with Ballroom .not real.where did u get it from.Can u get a refund?

They're fake, but as good as you get with fakes. Look like the crew that used to run Autograph Central. That's their style of J Morrison

What did the guy charge you for the album? 


$1,450 from the notorious Heroes and Legends. 

It was from a store on Etsy called the rock pop shop. They seemed pretty legit,  I think it could be linked to heroes and legends store . Thank God they just issued me the refund. Thanks for the good advice 

Happy you got your refund. Always ask before purchase. Some dealers have rather...elaborate or nearly impossible terms which many don't read or understand until too late.

You’re welcome. I’m glad you were able to get a refund. It supposedly sold just yesterday on Invaluable.


That’s the first place I saw it on , since I’m a member of invaluable. I also saw on there it was from heroes and legends. But than I lost the auction and saw the same one here 


Is heroes and legends a scam ?


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