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Seller "forgot" to mention who issued the COA for this forgery. Signatures slowly drawn or traced. 


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Steve "The Roach" Rocchi -- let's call him by the name he deserves. 

I like that one, Bruce.

GFA and Rocchi have probably "authenticated" more forgeries than Morales.

This style of forgery has been around for a while...easy to spot.

This junk has also been sold by the legendary 'Coach's Corner" auctions. Anybody know why CC is still in business?

Jim, that's a great question.   Imagine selling millions of dollars in forgeries and being able to enjoy the money from the sales of those forgeries without fear of penalty.

Someone needs to proof that these are fakes and that is very difficult, if not impossibe. This whole bussiness is based on opinions. Most COAs guarantee nothing but just give an opinion. You can slab items, spray them with DNA, put ugly hologram stickers on them, have the COA additionally signed by a notary etc. etc. but in the end of the day it’s all just based on opinions.

Plus, everyone can have an opinion and everyone can be an expert. It’s simply a matter of creating a fancy piece of paper with some blah-blah. 

I am not saying I agree with companies selling trash like this!

Coach's Corner is the only place where you can buy a drawing by Picasso for $45.00. They also have a limitless supply of "signed" Beatles albums! Pathetic!

There seems to be a market for this. Some people believe everything as long as it has a certifcate. I’m sure many here are aware of gullibe collectors showing their “signed” records in facebook groups or on other social media. Often this leads to long discussions and they can not be convinced.

Yes, it’s pathetic, but the guy next door will not have a clue whatsoever and probably will  be impressed when he sees this “signed” record, because 99.9999% of people on this planet will have no knowledge on this whatsoever. And you could ask what is more pathetic: people buying this trash, or the guy who paid, what was it, $221,000 for an extremely ugly genuinly signed Abbey Road, with faded signatures.

There are MAYBE 4 or 5 legit signed Abbey Road albums that are known to exist...signed in late 1969...one from Lizzie Bravo...rare to say the least.

Key words “genuine”.

For me the keyword here is “ugly”, genuine or not….
My point was that 99.999% will have no clue whatsoever about this and probably would think the Early Beatles cover looks “nicer”.

It’s this one I’m referring to: https://www.gottahaverockandroll.com/The_Beatles_Fully_Signed___Ins...

How can this be “fully inscribed” and genuine? Harrison is gone, McCartney is partially faded. But hey, if someone thinks this is worth $221,000 then OK of course!



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