Hello, I need your help with this autograph of Andrew Lincoln selled by Cardboard Legends thanks. This is a real deal? Is certificated by GA steve Sipe.

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I don't think it's real imo
Thanks for answering. Can you explain to me the reason?
I compared with mine and others, I am not an expert so maybe I'm wrong...

     I can see the difficulty authenticating Lincoln's signature. I'm adding two examples that are considered authentic and in between these two there are many slightly different versions. Sometimes inscriptions are nice.

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GA is trash. Most knowledgable collectors will agree.

Yes, I did notice the lOA

Did they get lucky with one?

Given what I've observed with them, I don't think their issues are limited to incompetence. I think they know exactly what they are and what they're doing. I feel a GA sticker devalues any item, regardless of its actual authenticity.

In a case in which the signer is a notorious scribbler in which authentication may be based more heavily on the source, GA should absolutely be avoided.

I agree that GA has a bad reputation, however I take a close look at every signature no matter where it's from and that includes the top three authenticators. That's how you learn. I don't really care if its a scribble from a good source-a scribble is a scribble. Can a good source authenticate a scribble better than I? Not

So do I, and I encourage collectors to avoid bad signatures (i.e. ugly scribbles) altogether, unless, of course, it is signed right in front of you. If you can't authenticate it based on the signature alone, it's probably worth avoiding - unless it's just something you have to have, in which case the source should be rock solid and, preferably, the price low to reasonable.

My point was that I believe GA is a friend of forgers. My general dislike of PSA and JSA comes down to what I perceive as greed and bad practices associated with them. However, they still generally get it right. But their sticker doesn't instill any degree of confidence in me on its own merit.

On the other hand, I also feel (along with many others) that a GA sticker/cert is a strong red flag for a forgery, because I believe they knowingly authenticate forgeries.

I agree that GA is bad for the autograph world. I don't know anyone at GA, I never purchased from them and never will. I approached this Lincoln signature with an open mind and at first started to realize that it was looking different from the known examples, but then starting noticing a lot of differences between supposedly good examples. It looked close to some good exemplars but I would avoid it. I went a little further than just saying "GA IS TRASH" I like to find the trash myself.
As far as psa, jsa & becket goes, they are here to stay and I do like them. They do provide some comfort for buyers. What bothers me a little is you need their sticker to sell your in-person items. Ain't that a kick in the pants.
A scribble signed in front of you is only good for you. Who wants a scribble? even at a discount. If someone's signature has always been a consistent scribble then that's exceptable and you can authenticate it usually. It's hard to forge a fast consistent scribble sig with lines going in all directions. But a person who's signature is normally legible, then you get a scribble-why settle for that -it's garbage. Why would someone have to have a bad signature from a rock solid source? It's beyond me. I know because I own some scribbles from years of obtaining autographs.
Otto, I hope some of this discussion helps you

What happened to the first thread about this yesterday or so? I am sure I responded simply by saying "look up those names here and you'll see what you need" but it's gone?


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