This Keith Moon is being offered to me, but it is not cheap, is it legit?

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This was sold through RR Auction last April for $4,364.

Do you think it is good and yes, as I prefer not to own forgeries? I want to thank each and every person in helping me catch forgeries as the Stones piece was returned to Heritage auctions for a complete refund. 

I haven’t studied the Who’s signatures, but it looks naturally signed and similar to other Keith Moon signatures I’ve seen. The Tracks LOA certainly is a good sign, although they’re best with Beatles autographs. Your girlfriend is trying to sell it to you?

All these items are "being offered" to you?  I'm not buying it -- or your story. Most of your posts are items that have been formerly sold at auctions and images easilly available to copy.  Sounds like a member who has been on this forum before under a different name. 

John, you list you level of expertise as Professional - but your posts don't seem to align with that description. Uh, wot's the deal?

Who are you? Who, who, who, who?

Heh heh. 

Bet ya a buck it's the artist formerly known as Tracy Mitchell who was just booted off the site. 

I’d be shocked if that isn’t the case.



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