Hello everyone...just wanted and would highly value any opinions on the Edison signature that is in his usual pencil.

I recently purchased it on Invaluable.com and was told it was from a Miami Estate. There was no documentation with it of course. Everything is pretty much as you see in the lots when they're offered on that site.  They usually tend to be brief in their item descriptions. It is in his often used pencil format. Wondered if upon your inspection that the signature look ok? Thank uuuu in advance! Steven

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Additional photo of the whole item framed as it came from the auction

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Hello, sorry to say that looks terrible (and retraced?). Invaluable is not an auction house but a search engine, none of the sellers are policed. I am afraid you have purchased a poor forgery. What did you pay, when and how?

The Invaluable.com search engine has some good, but it did not take long to find the bad. David Bowie SP for 75 GBP! 

"Bowie" SP for 75 GBP

"Shatner" & "Nimoy"

128.00 plus 70 additional for shipping from UPS.  I had someone look at it from University Archives who authenticates autographs and he said the item was genuine, but look maybe 'enhanced' in his opinion as it looks like someone possibly went over the signature?

A simple signature should have cost upwards of $600 - more like $1500-$2000 if in ink.

Actually it was an auction gallery in Hollywood FL who utilized Invaluable. It was a couple weeks ago.

What is the name of this gallery and what was the purchase date? How did you pay?

See attached. Says as is

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Whose terms are these? Link??


"All information in the catalogue concerning authenticity is guaranteed for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Within that time, prior to payment to the consignor of the work, the buyer may submit, at his own expense, an opinion in writing from a recognized expert on the work at issue regarding authenticity. In the event the work is judged inauthentic by the expert, the work may be returned in the same condition as at time of sale and the buyer’s full purchase price will be refunded. Refunds shall not include costs of transportation, insurance, or other expenses that may have been incurred by the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make payment in a timely fashion such that the property can be released and inspected within this thirty (30) day time frame."

Unfortunately, unless otherwise stated, ALL the lots they auction are sold "As Is" which renders the above rather redundant. However, it is worth an email etc. - terms start with "Lots are sold “As Is, Where Is” and without recourse except as expressly stated herein:"

You did a good find for ME!! I APPRECIATE it! 

Well, don't party just yet as I added some additional terms to the text I just pasted, but do send an email stating your position and let us know the outcome.



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