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Definitely not the typical secretarial handwriting/signature you see all over eBay, and it seems to closely match some of the other authentic 1970's examples I'll share links to below.  Anyone else feel this is genuine when comparing? 

The handwriting seems similar in some aspects to these examples:




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I'd agree that this looks pretty good.  Certainly better than what is usually found on the market... as you said especially eBay.

Sinatra is so tricky though.

Might be worth having Roger Epperson take a look at it with a quick opinion.

It appears good but the photo is apparently printed on cheap cardboard and both the image and the signature are quite faded. With the other condition issues I would avoid it.There is a secretarial version on eBay for over $1000!

Thanks to you both for your input!  I did purchase the Epperson quick opinion and am waiting for the result.  

It will certainly be interesting to see what he thinks.

EDIT: The person I’m replying to deleted their comment about this possibly being secretarial, but I’ll leave my response here anyway.   Here is why I lean towards genuine.  Compare the inscription to the handwriting on these personal letters to Mia Farrow.  The “w” formations all look similar, some similarity to how he signed hers as “Charlie Brown” or “Charles Brown” to how he dedicated the inscription to “Charles” on the photo in question, etc.  I haven’t seen any of the known secretarials match his handwriting this closely.  But again—this is all opinion!

I based my "appears good" on the very same observations. I. Have better matches from the RR study but my laptop is busted or I would post them. Typing on a phone is nearly impossible for me!

Did Roger's opinion come in yet?

Not yet.  I put the order in on Tuesday late evening, so roughly 5 days ago.  

Here is a thread to perhaps look over while we wait.

Sinatra Link

Yes, I’ve never believed any of those “Man and His Music” cards were actually signed by Sinatra.  And I’ve seen people pay big $$ for them.  When I was in Key West a few years back a gallery was trying to sell one for thousands.  

UPDATE:  I emailed Roger again today and the first email must have not come through last week.  He said in his opinion this autograph looks authentic.  

That's certainly nice to hear.  I thought he probably would be on the side of authentic.


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