Hi everyone,

I just wondered what your thoughts are on this Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley autograph?

It has been authenticated by Beckett, but I didn't know how accurate they are?

Your opinions on how genuine the autographs look would be most appreciated!



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Any opinions on this would be very much appreciated!


I am surprised that the autographs were authenticated by Beckett.

Thanks Mike. I didn't want to post my option on them initially, as I didn't want to bias opinion, but my thoughts were that the Daisy Ridley one looks fairly standard, but wasn't 100% on the Mark Hamill one, as it's black ink on a dark background. But I didn't think it looked too far off.

Are you saying that both look atypical in your opinion? I have heard both good and bad things about Beckett, so didn't know how much proof BAS is for an autograph?



There are not enough typical characteristics for me to feel confident about them.  They may be authentic, but there are better examples available.

Ok, thanks Mike. What about the Beckett authentication? To what extent can they be trusted?

The person sell the above is an AFTA/UACC dealer too. 

Beckett can be trusted.

Cheers Mike!

So as those autographs have been authenticated by Beckett, the chances are they are genuine then?

The autographs were apparently obtained at the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2017. There are YouTube videos which show the actors doing some signing before the show, but I guess rushed it as there were so many fans! Which could explain the quality of the autographs possibly? 

Yes.  That explains a lot.



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