Hi I was hoping for your thoughts on this Stan lee autograph 


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Yes. And fairly recent, within the last 10 years, probably within the last 6.

Stan Lee’s autograph is getting tougher because he has become inconsistent and forgeries are getting better. 

There are slam dunk good ones, obvious fakes and the tweeners in the middle. In my opinion, the tweener category is getting wider. 

All that said, I am leaning authentic on this one. Not a slam dunk, but it has a lot going for it. 

What makes this particular signature more challenging for most authenticators is that it appears to be signed using a marker with a wedge (tanto-like) shaped tip.

Oddly enough, for me, the type of marker used locks it in as being unquestionably authentic, and that's because if you've ever watched Stan sign, you'd note that the changes in the angle of his writing implement would produce exactly what we see here where his track widens and narrows, based on how much of that tip touches the surface! This track perfectly reflects Stan's signing mechanism, IMO.

I appreciate the responses guys. You are correct they claim it was signed in 2014. The only thing I am concerned about is if they pull a fast one and the auto is preprinted. ( probably a  paranoid though)

Look at the feathering of the ink at the periphery of the written lines. It's what's expected, for the ink of the sharpie to soak outward into the paper immediately bordering the tracks.




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