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I bought this signed magazine page about 10 years ago. The story is that he signed it at a charity event.


Any help would be appreciated.




Tiger Signed Magazine Page

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It looks a little shaky...not very fluid...not really sure...going to check out some other examples
That may be because it is a low quality scan. The signature is actually quite fluid. Thanks.



Here's an authentic Tiger Woods to compare to...I don't really have any experience with Tiger autos...I have seen lots of fakes like any other popular athlete and of course authentic pieces...I am really not sure...It just seems a little shaky towards the end of the auto...I don't know

The examples you have added are of sports cards that Woods was paid to sign. If you look at PSA/DNA certified examples (see below) where he wasn't paid to sign, the signatures look very similar to the one I posted. Thanks for your help.




The formation of the W, which is part of his first name, is not even close to the one you posted.

Woods varries his auto quite a bit, especially the "W". This PSA/DNA certified signed hat has the same "W" as the one I posted.





Join the Golf Autographs group if you haven't, and put a link to this discussion under comments, asking for help. There are members who really know their stuff: 


Thanks, Steve,

The link to this discussion is now in the Golf Forum comments.





You really need to see this link...its the same exact autograph on the same exact photo...it may be a copy or an item that has been mass produced into many copies.....its the same autograph placed in the same exact position....I think it may be just a color copy 

There definitely is something strange going on. My item is a magazine page, no doubt about it. It has a part of the Tiger Woods article on the back and is on magazine paper (you can see where it was cut from the magazine spine). There is no way what I have is a copy. The only thing I can think of is that the reprint autos you found on eBay (they are listed as reprints) are copies of the original signed magazine page I have. The seller I bought this from many years ago must have made a copy of it before selling it to me. I'm at work now, but I can scan and post the other side of the magazine page if proof is required. As well, the autograph I have is clearly not a pre-printed auto on the magazine page. You can see the ink lines and pen marks, clearly.

I just spent 20 minutes on a Google search for this image of Tiger but I can't find it. Other than the eBay listing you posted, I can't find the image anywhere. When I get home I will see if the magazine issue/publishing date is on the back of the page (under the article). This is going to bother me until I get to the bottom of it.


Thanks for the help, Cee Gee!!


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