TRY CW Autographs COAs Certificate of Authenticity Reputation Etc.

Recently ran into a big lot of Autographs.

Walking Dead

Boardwalk Empire

Breaking Bad

Sons of Anarchy

David Tennant

bunch of others (Michelle Rodriguez, Kesha, Lady Gaga

Literally a couple hundred with TRY CW TTM COAs. Couldn't find too much about them except they sell and authenticate their own stuff. They are based in CA. Can you really buy reputable autographs from companies like this in the hundreds? Whole thing was a little fishy to me.

The COAs were extra low tech just little printed squares. No stickers etc. Couple sellers are peddling the same ones on ebay.

Several of the autographs didn't have the right feel to me and I passed on the whole lot. any insights into this company or celebrity autographs inc from the UK?

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Do you happen to have any pics or links?

I do not, I was responding to a lead and someone offered them to me. I didn't like them so I didn't buy the collection. They looked off. We sell a lot of autographs and the construction was just wrong on the sample I saw.

Just found one on Craigslist. Walking dead cast..
Attachments: No photo uploads here

As far as the walking dead cast , I dont think it is authentic. They do a lot of scribbling but dont come close to any of the signatures I have.

Oh I don't believe it's real either.. But amazing that the coa made across from California to Florida and items are being resold that fast..

When I type in (by doing a little Googling I found this used to be their website).... when you use that address, it redirects to "Autograph World"

Does that mean that Autograph World are associated with this company TRY CW or are they using a link to their home page without consent. As I've bought from Autograph World in the past..?

I would assume it's the latter.  Hard to Envision AW legitimately involved with something that shady.

Check this persons completed listings on eBay timandbillie123 thats just nuts...

Everything they sell is fake. Just look at the prices!!! Don't that raise a big red flag!! Someone with some knowledge and power, needs to contact ebay about them. For a short time a week or so ago, they were listed as "non-registered" on ebay. All their listings were taken off. Now they are back on, go figure. They have made thousands and thousands of dollars from ebay and need to be stopped.

We have no idea who these scammers are.  I believe they also sell under the name bluefly64 on eBay - which, as of this writing, is suspended.  They obviously purchased a domain and pointed it to our website.  In all the years we've been on the internet - nearly 20 - I've not seen that one before.

Bob Jones - Autograph World, LLC



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