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Tim if you look at the psa autograph facts website they use my index card and the Peace Daniel sig as examples. Not trying to change your opinion on my sig just thought I would share. I have attached a link to the website.

Scroll through the gallary photos I have attached a screen shot. PSA is using my index card and the peace Daniel as examples.

If I had to pick one authenticated Tupac autograph this one makes me uneasy. I am no expert but I have seen a lot of Tupac autos and this one in my opinion is not genuine. The flow of the sig doesn't seem right and the look of it.

Of course. It should make you uneasy. Iconic and PressPass sell all kinds of fakes. They get their stuff through these crooked authenticators cause they are such a large volume client. Beckett passes almost anything for them. 

The peace Daniel one? It’s on a magic mountain viper ride photo holder. 

Tim do you think you can share your JSA Tupac sigs?


I have this one on my collection , I haven't COA .

Real or not ?


I agree with you Tim. Tim have you seen this one?  Do yo think the auto looks like a 10 grade?

Thank you for your frankness. I am disappointed because I have had it for many years...

It sold for $1,400 at Goldin Auction 

I should of bought the Thug Life group contract on eBay before it went to auction. The seller wasn’t asking for much at the time.

If I can remember right he said he would take $2,000. I think it was a fair price because I haven’t seen one like that since. It sat for a few weeks on eBay then he pulled it put it on Heritage auction it got some news on TMZ. Not sure how much it sold for on Heritage. 



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