I thought this might be cool. Tell what concerts you are going to see. Let us know if you liked or disliked the show. Maybe show a picture, autograph, guitar pick, drumstick, or a cool story .

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Nice - official meet and meet of his, I assume?

Rich I really don’t know what the heck it was. The day before the show a friend of mine saw 2 M&G passes on Craigslist, 5th row. It just screamed scam. But we met the guy there, paid him there, walked in with him , sat beside him. The official M&G was before the show. This was 45min after the show. Was so cool to meet him. I gave him a golf ball marker from the course I play. He seemed to really appreciate it. Said he was going to use it first thing the next morning. I read he plays 6 days a week.

Maggie Rogers last night in Milwaukee. Next Saturday she'll be the musical guest on SNL, so I thought it was an amazing opportunity to see her in a relatively small, low key environment before she gets too big.

Oddly enough, there were not a ton of fans waiting for her last night, and she spent a lot of time with everyone. She's fantastic live, as expected, and a very cool, down to earth person.

Donna Missal last weekend. Sir Sly a couple nights ago.

Saw Bishop a few times this fall, including at Riptide Music Fest where I saw a number of other bands (Sir Sly, Cold War Kids, Superorganism, Dreamers, etc).

I love seeing new artists on the rise, and one of my favorite venues is Schubas (as well as their sister club Lincoln Hall) in Chicago. Last night, Elley Duhe started her tour there. Really great show and a wonderful talent.

in march. arctic monkeys at lollapalooza

in may, slash

Donna Missal last week, and Hailey Knox last night.

These are the ones I have on the schedule so far this year:

Jan: Elley Duhe

Feb: Donna Missal (W/ meet & greet), Hailey Knox

Mar: Aurora, Puss N Boots (Norah Jones's side project), Nina Nesbitt (w/ meet & greet), Jacob Banks

April: Olivia O'Brien (w/ meet & greet), Alice Merton

May: Mogli, Florence + The Machine

June: Dido (*considering* meet & greet)

I have Christopher Cross in March. Heart in May.

It's funny how few physical tickets I have these days. Of the ones I listed above, I think only Florence, Alice Merton and Aurora even offered physical tickets. Kind of comes down to the venues I typically go to. Lincoln Hall & Schubas in Chicago run on a straight guest list and virtually never use physical tickets, for example.


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