I thought this might be cool. Tell what concerts you are going to see. Let us know if you liked or disliked the show. Maybe show a picture, autograph, guitar pick, drumstick, or a cool story .

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Olivia O'Brien in Chicago last Thursday. 

Lollapalooza daily schedule came out. Only going for Bishop, but thrilled Maggie Rogers, Sigrid and a number of others I'd like to see happened to also be booked that day. One day pass ended up being $180 with shipping, which is kinda silly.

Thats a huge lineup. Of all those I’ve only seen Chevelle. I have learned of a lot of bands from you Rich. You are hip and I’m stuck in the 80’s. I’m currently in San Francisco. I have tickets to Michael Schenker Fest at the Palace of Fine Arts,and a rare country band I love Whiskey Myers. 

Here's the full four day lineup. The fest is tolerable at best, so I only go if there's someone I HAVE to see (which is my fav artist Bishop). It's a huge bonus that Maggie, Sigrid, Janelle Monae are all on that day, though it remains to be seen which stages and when. Honestly, I'm mostly thrilled that it's not on a Saturday or Sunday, and Twenty One Pilots and Ariana are not on that day. Sounds mean, but those are two fan bases I want to be nowhere near.

I'm actually not that hip, lol. I do tend to target younger artists on the rise though, as the value tends to be from good to phenomenal. There are fewer hands in the pot (and it's easier to steer clear of Live Nation), meaning ticket prices are much lower than older, more established acts. And you can see some incredible shows, regardless of your musical taste. That Aurora show from a few weeks back was $20 face, and it was better than shows I've paid many times that for.

Every once in a while I'll end up seeing something that isn't entirely my cup of tea, but even in those instances they may eventually turn out to be someone incredibly popular (and then you can say "I saw _____ when they were playing a club."

K Fla is doing a mini tour at smaller venues. I saw her in Chicago and then again at a radio promo event in Milwaukee this weekend. He live show is really fantastic. She had some new items for sale at the merch stand, including signed show-specific posters.

Bea Miller last night in Chicago. Another one where I felt like one of the oldest people there. She's a good live performer and will definitely be going places.

Alice Merton last night. Surprisingly older crowd for a 25 year old singer. Regardless, she puts on a great show.

I's almost forgotten how could Alice is. She stuck around after the show and signed merch for and took photos with every fan who waited.

I have no idea how I typoed that last post so badly . . .

Going to see the Damn Truth tomorrow. Great band. If anyone is looking for a signed CD or Vinyl pm me.

One of my favorite new artists Mogli last night. She has some epic music and sounds fantastic live. She stayed around after the show to meet fans and sign merch.


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