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Just realized this was gone so I’m making it again. 

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Saw on Twitter that TikTok posted to meet them at midnight on Taylor Swift’s account. Doubt it will be anything useful to us but might as well keep an eye out anyways. 

Perhaps there will be more purple Swiftie towels?

Or maybe a new Swiftie pool noodle? Can’t wait.

Once again no signed CDs

yeah, I think this is one of my posts that got deleted when the KD account was lost and I wasn't sure if you all wanted the thread back. I saw that on Taylor too and wasn't sure where to post the info so I'm glad you started it again. not sure why but I just have a feeling this is going to be another disappointment, although I will be staying up just in case. a lot of people seem to think that if she releases signed CDs it will be around the release date. 

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I should post it or not but I finally decided to. I just checked and I guess Midnights release date is October 21st so midnight would make it exactly a month away so it’s very possible it could be signed CDs. 

yeah, it's always hard to decide what to post because some will like it, and others not so much lol. impossible to keep everyone happy. and I will be happy when she finally releases them because Twitter gets flooded with everyone talking about and trying to guess when they will drop that it's hard to find the Tweets about other stuff releasing.  

We really should dedicate this thread to you, maybe even make a statue of your likeness somewhere lol.. ill never forget all the posts you made that helped us all.. Its sad your posts are gone but for sure wont be forgotten.. I think 10 years from now im going to look back at this period as one of the best stretches of autograph collecting of my life. You were a huge part of it. Cant say thank you enough for all your contributions.

Agree 100%!


I wouldn't have about ten of my latest, and most prized autographs if it wasn't for Kenny D !

Agree 100%. All hail Kenny lol! Definitely helped make my collection grow and added tons of autographs I never thought I'd be able to get otherwise. Appreciate all you've done for the forum, KD!

I wouldn't have about ten of my latest, and most prized autographs if it wasn't for Kenny D !



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