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Michael Jordan signed UNC photo (Dont have COA).  Everything looks legit.  Has Upper Deck hologram (can see the Upper deck logo).  Some of the numbers on the decal are scratched, but I'm pretty positive I can make it out.  Didn't come back on website, so I emailed to confirm, and they say they aren't able to.  I did a Beckett quick opinion, they said "unlikely to pass".  Everything in me says this is legitimate, but thought I'd ask here before actually unframing and sending it in.  What do you guys think?  Thanks in advance!

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I've just seen about him in Jordan forms and on eBay looking at his stuff and after looking at this signature I can tell that it was his because they they look similar to Jordans signatures but not enough so it's easy for me to recognize it was his.

And I just seen your message now, I posted who it was. He fakes uda autographs. I know exactly who the person is. Get your money back, I can't even make that any clearer. I literally looked at what he sold and this popped up. How would I of known it was this exact person if I haven't seen his fake uda graphs? And he does with cards to. And how do I know because it's not Jordans signature that's how I know, and it was confirmed in Jordans messages groups that this guy is a scammer so I'm not the only one.


Looks good, but fake. Looks very similar to his stuff. The signature not look good on yours.

And I just looked at his page and it was his lmao. So I'm telling you this guy is a fraud and it should be posted. His been doing really good fake Jordan uda items. I've been doing Jordan graphs for a while now and in most cases I can tell if it's fake or not.

What gives it away then?

I'm not good at explaining that, it's just the way that it was written, you have to really look at other real signatures to compare it with. In this case the quick opinion is right, I would get my money back. The m doesn't look right or the j. It's really nice fakes, he was selling a cel that wasn't the right size he had as a 16x20 and it was a photo not a cel. I've seen this guy, Im on eBay all the time watching. They look really good I admit, but still doesn't make them real. He must be taking the hologram off other stuff, but I don't know how he's doing it on certain items. I would really like to know.

This is what I was getting at and why my first post was a statement and not a question.


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