Hi All, i'll probably get shot for posting on here but can anyone recommend a Good Mail forwarding Service to send Mail from the US to The UK ? 

Bundlebox  e mailed me a couple of days ago saying they are closing in April and I have 6 Pre Orders going to my Bundlebox in May / June / July!

Bundlebox have informed me that if they receive any mail  after they cease trading they will destroy it! 

So i need help ASAP! Thanks 

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I use Stackry (for US to France) and am quite happy with it...

Thanks Herve I’ll check them out! 

Hi Herve,

Thanks for the tip? Can you pre-pay import taxes with Stackry? 

I pay the import tax when Fedex delivers the parcel (actually Fedex pays for me, based on my declaration, and I reimburse). That's the system with the Tax Administration in France, not sre it is the same in the UK.

Hi There,

Thats the first Ive heard Bundlebox are closing -I've been using them for years, and they were very reliable. Shame.

The other company I have used is It's been couple of years since I have used them but they were good. They used to ship with DHL.

I have used is - But, I had a nightmare getting my parcels sent. So my advice is avoid them.

Hope you find a company and get your parcels.

Thanks Holden, yes Bundlebox are definitely closing, I emailed them as I thought it was some sort of scam -  ive been using them for years too... 


Please let us know which company you go for and you're experience with them.

I'm taking a look at Stackry, but it is not clear if you can pay import taxes in advance (like you could with Budlebox). Similary I remember you couldn't pre-pay import taxes with Boxinus.

I think I will try stackry, I just signed up and it’s roughly $13 to send a cd, not checked on LPs yet, even with Royal Mails ridiculous £8 handling fee it works out cheaper than Bundlebox - I’ll let you know how i get on

Thanks. As a Bundelbox user I would be interested to hear what you think of Stackry's service.

Very good as far as I am concerned. One important issue though: if you have many parcels, and some heavy, they tend to put everything in a "big" box, which reduces the shipping cost. But the box tends to burst out... One solution then is to opt for keeping the original sender packaging (otherwise they open everything and put it in the big box...).



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