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Any opinions on this fully signed Van Halen?... is it  "beautiful girls' or 'girl gone bad?"

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I vote "gone bad" from the exemplars I viewed and this presentation. They look like simulations to me.

fake imo. Why? Every signature has the same "size" Usually Roth signed large and Eddie much smaller. Alex is completely off. Same pen pressure from the same hand.

And with the same pen! This was my very first look at VH signatures - way off even from here. I did see the DR size in relation to the others as problematic as well.

Seeing that graffiti on my favorite Van Halen album is disgusting.

Atypical.  Not even close.

Thanks for all your help guys..looks like it's big bad Bill and not the ice cream man!

No problem.  Fair warning, David.  When it comes to collecting autographs, everybody wants some.  It makes me blue to see forgers take advantage of unwary collectors.  They may get away with it at first, but will inevitably hear about it later.  Anybody in their right mind could see that collectors are becoming much more educated.  Stay frosty.


All four- forgeries. "Everybody DOESN'T Want Some."


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