Verifying Autographs From Metal Bands, Trent Reznor, Dimebag Darrell

Just looking to see if anyone can ID any of the autographs on this skateboard. I purchased this from a local goodwill. It appears that most are from Metal bands, NIN, Pantera, If anyone can ID any of these i would be very appreciative. I can make out Dimebag Darrell and Trent Reznor and what could possibly be Dee Snider. I also see Slayer across the board but im not aware if their signatures are on there. Please help! Thanks

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'Danny' Lohner also from Nine Inch Nails in red above NIN logo

Possibly 'Max' Cavalera singer with Sepultura and Soulfly. As he would be another big name when these others were being signed. See my personal comparison.

Wow this is so helpful you have no idea.

No problem man, enjoying the challenge!

And more Sepultura!

'Igor' Cavalera, signed Igor 94. Follow the capitol 'I'. sample below to compare

And I believe the bass player 'Paulo' aswell, on a different part of the board.

Odds on the other guys are on there somewhere.

Don't know who signed this but '667' is the 'Neighbour of the Beast' (metalheads do have a sense of humour!)... might be a clue if you can find out who signs with that, it could be 'Mike' someone... I thought it was Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir, but I don't think it's him...anyway, hope this helps.

Muir would be a huge plus as his ties to skateboarding too

Absolutely and right era for the rest of the signings, but I was trying to find a comparison as I don't know his autograph, and there is very little on line, except some Ebay stuff, by I don't know what's legit or not.

And from what I could find, this could be 'Mike' aswell on the board.

I believe he's the one with the dollar sign at the end of his name on this example (couldn't get any larger image!)

Purely speculation at this point though.

If you all were in my spot, what would you do next? Is it worth authenticating the entire board and getting documentation, how much would that cost? I'd love to see this go to metal fan, or someone that can appreciate all that's on the board. It's definitely unique being a skateboard so it may not appeal to all. I'm curious what you guys think I should do next. Thanks for all your input

very nice piece you have there. I would have that sent off man.

Who would you guys advise to have this sent to? An earlier post mentioned Roger Epperson. Do the cost outweigh the potential worth of this item? I had a quote from JSA of around 200 to authenticate and identify the autographs. This is all so new to me so I am not really sure what to expect. 

To be honest I think that even JSA would have a very tough time identifying any more of these names. You have a better chance on this site to at least get some more ideas, and then when you have as many as you can get them or a music specialist to confirm the ones you know or have a good idea of. Then they have something to work from. Maybe ask Steve Cyrkin the community manger here for advice, or Roger Eepperson who is a music specialist.
Cause as it stands, since you've posted this item it's now got two members of NIN, all of Pantera, Sepultura, probably Slayer, Metallica's second bassist Jason. ... So it's getting sweeter by the day!



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