Verifying Autographs From Metal Bands, Trent Reznor, Dimebag Darrell

Just looking to see if anyone can ID any of the autographs on this skateboard. I purchased this from a local goodwill. It appears that most are from Metal bands, NIN, Pantera, If anyone can ID any of these i would be very appreciative. I can make out Dimebag Darrell and Trent Reznor and what could possibly be Dee Snider. I also see Slayer across the board but im not aware if their signatures are on there. Please help! Thanks

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I contacted roger about getting a rough price but he was very short with me, I was kind of surprised because of his reputation being pretty good around here.

Is anyone is interested in this piece on this forum? I would love for this to go to someone that would appreciate it for what it is. I'm not looking to make top dollar on this item, rather pass this on to someone that wants to take the time to find out about more of the autographs, add to their collection, or resell themselves. If anyone is interested or knows anyone that may be please let me know.

Thoughts on this being Dee Snider? Trying to see If I can identify any others on here.

im pretty sure that belongs too the bassist of Slayer

Thanks! Im not sure where I got that one and i think someone has already mentioned araya's autograph. I think I may be putting this skateboard up on ebay if there is no interest on this website. Just want to pass it on to somone that will appreciate the signatures and time this person took to amass these names. Thanks again for all your help

What about this? Jeff Hanneman? Thoughts?

taken from ebay but claims is PSA

Good catch, that makes sense that it's Hanneman

Its been a while since I have posted on here but I intend to take some better pictures of each of the signatures with the hopes of possible identifying a few more autographs. Thanks again for all your help

Good to have you back Phil, I'd love a crack at solving some more signatures!

Alright guys I took a few more pictures, hopefully they are clear and may give a few more leads to some of the signatures. Thanks again for all your help thus far.

Top one 'Ed Ved' could very possibly 'Eddie Vedder' from Pearl Jam quick signing?

And the gold lettering logo on the bottom picture above 'Dimebag' is 'CFH' for 'Cowboys from Hell' the album from the time (that one has been bugging me!) Also could the 'Jeff' above the CFH logo be Jeff Hanneman from Slayer or more likely  'Jeff Ament' ('Jeff' and lower case 'a' ) from Pearl Jam.



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