OK Short explanation:


This was a signed HIDDEN piece of Pickguard plastic..signed in NYC at the airport by Chuck Berry as he was cheking in to get his car......obtained in the mid 90's....I got the johnny Johnson MYSELF as he walked thru lobby of Waldorf on night inducted in R&R HOF...


now--1)Just looking for a thumbs up on the Chuck...It came from a VERY well know NYC dealer who only selles what he SEES signed...and I examined the SMILEY carefully and compared to othets I got myself on LPs and--it checks out as JUST RIGHT to me...


But want your opinions..his SMILEY has distinct flow and style..this looks fine to me


Mind you it took YEARS to get someone to CUT the plastic s o Inow have an authentic (>) signed Johnny Johnson AND Chuck Berry EPIPHONE...I wonder if this is the only one!!!!


No-I have not bought the epiphone to attach...

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Im just not totally convinced its not a C.B. sig.He does not knowingly sign this stuff,though you claim it was hidden.Rare if it is.I overheard recently he has only signed about 2 guitars in the last 35 years!!!
He deidnt sign a  guitar and he didnt sign a pick guard...he signed a boarded up piece of plastic disguised ....I have seen him sign pick guards ..in recent years almost all are signed C Berry..not CHUCK...this is signd C berry with smiley.. I beleive you that he has only signed maybe Two BODIES of guitars...he does sign pickguards...rarely EPIPHONES which is what I got this ct into...fact I have Johnny Johnson on SAME intem makes it uniqwue and rare..ive NEVER seen another. Maybe on a blank page or record..but not a pickguard!@
The proof is in the autograph and it is without a doubt Chuck's signature, no matter what Mark is trying to convince you of. Chuck has close to 100 different variations of his autograph, but it is easy to tell the good ones from the bad ones. This pickguard looks VERY large however and I think you're going to have a hell of a time finding a guitar that is big enough for it, but maybe it is the camera angle. As for being the only one out there signed by the two, if there are any it isn't going to be many, mainly because nobody would really care to have both of them. It's a specialty item that only a crazy Chuck collector (lots of them in Europe) would even care about. I would rather have a single signed Chuck pickguard and Johnny signed pickguard, or miniature piano, but that's just me.

Thank you--just wanted the graph Ok's i was 99% sure...thanks.. It came from someone  who has been doing IN persons for 28 years ....You are partially correct ! This pick guard was custom CUT to fit both signatures and was a difficult venture sicne it was a sHard solid piece of plastic..the OLD kind not the newer pliable plastic....and...it will NOT fit a standard cheap (ES 335 DOT Epiphone) it is too large..but it WILL fit the larger guard that goes on what is called the Epiphone Regency.. ad/or Braodway model which Chuck played...  I wanted Johnny Johnson on it because he and Chuck were together part of rock history..... ALL the graphs I have posted have checked out as Authentic...so far... only a few left to get an opinion on...  BTW--the only way to get Chuck to write out the full name CHUCK Berry (not C berry is to bring a copy of his autobiography..thats the only thing he signs complete....he is taking it easy now after a recent health incident... I got him on albums in person..and always got a C berry..never a full name...he knows what people do with those albums lol




I didn't look at this autograph, because it's 3 a.m. and I'm tired. I will tell you this -- I got Chuck on a guitar. And my friend got Chuck on a guitar.


Another time, that same friend tried for him on a guitar, and he said "I won't give you my full signature on a guitar."

And he did C. Berry, with the smiley face. So...he DOES sign guitars, at least we're 3 for 3 on them.


His long long time bandmate mentioned that to me while we were sitting around after a show in Las Vegas.None of us were drinking.

you got his FULL sig on ths body oif an electric??? I beleive you..but I would think that is extremely rare....can you postr a pic lol


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