For the longest time I thought for sure My Mel Blanc wasn't good solely because it didn't look like Blanc's most known later signature, where he connects the capital M with the e in his first name. But then I found an early example, and the first name matched. And then I started finding others. Also, I hadn't seen one signed as Porky Pig, so that worried me too. But, hopefully I just have an early/1940's example. I think, from my research that he started his capital M connecting with the e sometime in the mid-late 1950's. Also, the page is VERY brittle, which I know doesn't really mean anything, just thought I'd mention it.


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Very Interesting. Thank you for sharing.  I have a piece I have had a little while.. which I sure hope is real as well. Signed by Blanc, and Frelang and Jones.  Would love your input as well on this piece? 

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Thanks Randy. That's a great piece of yours as well. Can you get a closer picture of the signatures?

I hope this is better.. 

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I'm definitely not an expert, but the signatures look real, and from what I can tell it looks like real ink on the signatures.


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