This is from my grandmother's collection of TTM autographs which I inherited. She inspired me to start my own TTM collecting. This is a 5x7 and the color of the ink on the signature looks darker than the photograph but there is no indentation. Notice how he signed James as this is early in his career, probably sometime in the '40s.

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Lee...i know this is late, but i just joined.

As you state, no indentation. Ballpoints were not as common then. Looks like the flowing pattern of a fountain pen. Appears genuine.

"James" also early indicative. Probably late 30's. The vaseline 'do', tietack, and sepia tone more 30's than 40's..

Hope this helps...



Thanks Joseph. I was leaning towards authentic myself. I had another autograph of Jimmy that I posted up here that I acquired through the mail about 20 years ago and another member notified me that it was an autopen which bummed me out. So I had high hopes for this one. stated that you inherited more from your grandmother.

Anything else in the collection left ? Sometimes there are connections...


Just a hint.


Oh I have all of the photos still. I even did an inventory to try and figure out which ones were pre-prints and which ones were actual autographs. The ones that are actual signatures and that I am unsure about I have attached. They are Fred MacMurray, Ruby Keeler, Jean Rogers,Michael Whalen, Simone Simone and Loretta Young. I'm pretty sure a the Somone Simone and michael Whalen are authentic based on my research but not sure about the rest. They are all 5 x 7s and I have most of the original envelopes that they were sent in.

Lee...the only one that looks pre-printed / facsimile is Jean Rogers. Loretta Young questionable without seeing in person.

The others appear legit.

Are you selling these, or just want to know if authentic ? Jimmy Stewart included.

Best, JSR


The Jimmy Stewart and the Fred MacMurray I am going to keep. The rest I am considering selling but the purpose of posting them here of course is to get opinions on authenticity. I have more by the way which I will also post. If you could chime in on those it would be greatly appreciated.


I love the Jean Rogers pic. Would you still have it and if so would you be willing to sell it?



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