Does anyone have any information on this guy/business? Has anyone purchased anything from him and had it checked out by PSA/JSA or another authenicator? I have read in places that he had at one time been arrested and jailed for selling fraudulent autographs, does anyone know if this is true or if it's just a rumor? If this is true, can anyone tell me when? He is selling stuff all over my town, and I have a Ted Williams&Joe DiMaggio dual signed 1948 Sports Mag, but Roger himself did the authentication as well as putting his own authentic stickers on it, not to mention he had printed a TRUELY authentic signed 1948 Sports Mag auction sheet and taped it to the back of the example I bought that said the item had been verified by BOTH PSA and JSA, however come to find out, my example was NOT the example he had printed out and taped to it. I know I can get my money back, but if this is something going on, I'd rather some of us get together and put an end to it. Please, any information you may have would be fantastic. Thanks to all who take the time to check this out!

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I have some information on Roger Till if you would like to get in touch with me I would be glad to share info. Bob Lemke who was the editor an owner of Sports collectors Digest posted at one time he worked with the postal authorities to catch him dealing in phoney autographs. He has had numerous complaints on the internet about him selling bogus autographs and has made thousands of dollars doing it. You can contact police department in is hometown of Lewistown,Il and talk to Chief John Werland and file a complaint, he knows of Roger Till. Roger also has a brother Vic Till that does antique shows and flea markets all over the United States selling his mainly self-authenticated items. The best thing to do is keep spreading the word about this jackass

I would love some information. Over the weekend I found out my Mantle autograph, COA'd from him, is a fake.


I know this crook and just saw him yesterday - I cant believe he is still on the loose and selling fake autographs - scum like this belongs behind bars for a long long time --- he is also an arrogant jerk to alot of people -- beware of antique malls he has booths with fake autographs in them also

I heard Till had a heart attack and is now deceased 

He isn't dead. He was at a convention this past weekend and he claimed to someone that he has a private signing this weekend with Carrie Fisher at Star Wars Celebration.


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