I recently inherited a load of wrestling stuff from my grandmothers estate, my questions are if anyone can help me 1st would these be considered vintage and also if there is anyone out there that knows about wrestling autographs does this look authentic i was told its fake and worthless,i have one from father and son the father signed it to my grandmother but i was told by a few people it was fake as well and they would give me $20.00 for the pair if no one can help i understand i was told by many people from ebay that the pictures are worthless and they would buy them for a $1.00 a piece....

                                                             Thanks Les

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Those are autographs of the famous wrestling Von Erich family. I watched wrestling on TV growing up with my father.:) I am pretty sure that your wrestling autographs from your grandmother estate are good. As for the value, I would leave it to fellow members here who collects wrestling autographs. Good luck!!!

Nice catch Harry. I am confused on a few things. I saw where you explained below on some of them but it still doesnt make since. The ebay ad that Harry posted is clearly the exact same autograph that you have uploaded and asked us to look at. And you made it clear in the paragraph above that these 2 photos were ones from your grandmas collection that you werent sure of.  Then on the ebay add it says that you got this in person. So if you actually got this in person then obviously you would know it was authentic and you would never need to ask anyone because you got it yourself. I dont know exactly what the motive here was but there is something very fishy here.

Ha, nice!

oh my gosh. What was this guy thinking? And what was the motive of asking people here if it was authentic, lol. Completely insane

Good work Harry!

i admit i probably went about this whole darn thing the wrong way when i first obtained the pictures and autographs 50 or so of them i had no clue as to go about finding out there value that wouldnt cost me a fortune so i went on ebay asked a few different people there some said they were fake signatures because there was a big run of fake von erich signatures going around and others told me that i would need to say i was there in person to get an appraisal or to sell them i knew the signatures were real its not like a grandmother is gonna forge some dam signatures  in the end all i was looking for is maybe just a estimate as to there value and i also know there only worth what someone is willing to pay for them i wasnt trying to run a scam or trick someone i was just screwed up about how i went about it i appreciate all the great comments and sorry for wasting your time.....

its says im an idiot for asking the wrong jerks for help thats what it says and i took it down because after you guys ripped me a new one it did make sense to me how stupid it looked and sounded so dont be so harsh to judge without asking a few questions i screwed up is all and you guys made me pay without a chance to hear my side great group......


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