Does anyone have any experience with VIP autographs NYC?  I read that John Brennan is very trustworthy, but I thought I would check you with guys before bidding.

All the best.

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Hi Sal,

I have purchased one item from them before and it was passed by PSA. I just took a quick look at a couple items of theirs like the steve perry signed album, and the police guitar look good. I think they are a good company from what ive heard, but kinda pricey. At least the Steve Perry album was. It was right around 200 bucks. Maybe thats the going rate for him now, im not sure. But i watch for items signed by him on ebay occassionally and last month thier was the exact album up signed by steve and it ended up ending for like 50 bucks. So if your after that one, id go another route, but thats just my opinion. Hope this helps and good luck

I was actually looking for Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes.  Not a major autograph, but as I'm a big fan, I was looking into getting one.  I'm not really sure he's worth the $400 some sellers charge.  VIP had one of his records for $130.  I'm not sure about the going rate for him, but I hear he's a tough autograph.  I thought I could hang out when he plays here in NYC in November, but that's no guarantees, and I'd have to pay for the train, and food in the city during the day, so I might end up saving no money anyway.

Ah, I see how that can be misinterpreted. I should've phrased that a bit better.

Well, I like collecting them for the same reason I collect records.  Sometimes it's a cool story, like the time I went to the city, bought Elliott Smith records, and ended up accidentally seeing the Presidents of the USA play, but sometimes it's just a cool thing to have. 

The thing about Conor is that he hasn't played in the city in quite a while, and when he does, he really doesn't play the typical venues, preferring more upstate.  I don't often go to many concerts.

As for Jeff Tweedy, I'd be pretty bothered about that one.  When famous people refuse autographs, it bothers me.  I understand if you're a guy who shows up with 10 of the same record and wants them all signed, but if you just have something you want signed, and maybe a photo, I don't think it's really right for them to refuse considering people like you are the reason he's in the position that he's in.


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