As I’ve grown as a collector, I’ve learned that setting goals is a good way to maintain focus, which ultimately helps you build a better collection.

With that in mind, have you set goals for 2012 and written them down? What are they?

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Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I will be attending the Cox Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament hosted by Drew Brees.  This time it will be held in Carlsbad, California (I little bit closer to home for me!). 

Just in for my 1958 topps set...this may be the best one I have to date...directly from Ford himself !!!

ace high, sir!

Another 2012 goal completed. :-)

One more 2012 Goal checked off the list. Thanks to Richard Simon for a good deal.

Love it Zipp...I think that was part of one of those emails...I may be mistaken...nice

Here is my list for 2012:

1) Brandon Lee

2) Bob Dylan

3) Bee Gees

4) Beastie Boys (Signed Skate Deck)

Already got 2 off my 2012 list. The White Stripes and Ramones! :)


Just pulled the trigger on a 2004 Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs Signed Skate Deck. This skate deck was a limited edition of 500. The first 100 skate decks were signed by the Beasties Boys and Mix Master Mike. I can cross out No. 4 on my list. :)

New York, NY - September, 2004 -
NYC's 5boro Skateboards is proud to announce a special art-inspired collaboration with the Beastie Boys in celebration of their critically acclaimed new release, To The 5 Boroughs. "When Cornerstone Promotion approached us on behalf of Capitol Records to discuss teaming up with the Beastie Boys to produce an exclusive co-branded board graphic, we were really psyched to make it happen," says 5boro Skateboards Founder and Owner Steve Rodriguez. "The 5boro crew and I grew up skating to the Beastie Boys' music, and we're honored to work with them and be a part of their history." Only 500 5boro / Beastie Boys decks exist (100 to be distributed domestically and 400 internationally), and only the first 100 decks were signed by the Beastie Boys and Mix Master Mike. While they kept the first 4, be on the lookout for the remaining 96! They will definitely be highly sought after, and very difficult to get a hold of.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Congrats!  I've been searching for one myself.  Do you happen to know anyone else out there selling?

With this, I have 5 of 12 goals completed for the year.  Chugging right along.

Love it !!!!!!!...almost pulled a trigger on a Ted Williams 51 signed Bowman this weekend but it just went through the roof....very cool Zipp

Thanks CEE GEE.

I almost pulled the trigger on other HOF Postcards with Sharpie sigs. I'm glad I waited for this one... the ballpoint really highlights the fine detail of the signature. Much nicer than a thick Sharpie sig that loses all detail.


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