Christmas is around the corner, by golly! We all want to know what to get you, so tell us the three autographs you want more than anything to find under the tree.

You don't celebrate Christmas? You tell us's the season of giving!

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Judy Garland, Princess Diana, Elvis........Am I dreaming too big?? :)

Julian Assange, Marlon Brando & John Lennon

I dont celebrate any religous holidays, but I give and receive gifts lol 

Vintage Cassius Clay autograph, Elvis, and John Wayne would suit me to a tee. :)

Nelson Mandela, John Lennon & Hayao Miyazaki.

 Eddie Vedder, David Gilmoure and Johnny Cash

Rather than post what I wish for I will post what I plan on purchasing during the Christmas season and if anyone would like to save me the money then go right ahead.  Billy Martin, Willie Mays and a dual signed Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner Star Trek photo.

Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Janis Joplin.

John L. Sullivan, Allman Brothers, and Nirvana

I know I will not get what I want for Christmas ..I never get autographs although my brother got me a Pete Rose 4256 signed 8x10 I was really happy with that...but never before or since then have I ever got any autos for the holidays...although I got a Steiner gift card for my birthday which is 12 days before Christmas I was really happy with that because that is usually when Steiner has big signings going down...but I will say Steiner gift card so I can pick what I want OR I need to get Willie Mays signed in person added to one of my new pieces...

I will also add I got my other brother a nice PSA Tim Lincecum ball upon request for Christmas...

But as far as just a random name...not sure really because most gift givers not collectors tend to get cheap fakes accidentally...

So I am going to say STEINER GIFT 

Hmmm... at first I thought about a signed coroner's report on certain FDE authenticators who we hold near and dear but that would be a morbid thought....  Yes Cee Gee I did get one of those a few times.   Last year, a bit off the subject I received a gift certificate to make my own beer or wine from a local microbrewary and because I have been (when the spirit moves me) an avid hunter a gift certificate to this place;

and the wild game package was excellent.

However, if someone is really giving the gift of giving then I wouldn't throw out an authentic Hendrix, Beatles or uninscribed Neil Armstrong.   Now, if that list is too much to part with then  John Wayne, Elvis and Babe Ruth.  Always good to have a backup plan ;-)

P.S.  Brandon has already sent several NASCAR ones so I can be a "someBody" in NASCAR as Christmas comes early so one never knows.....  

Here is my Pete Rose signed photo I got for Christmas I think last year or the year before know what I am going to say I would like a ROBINSON CANO signed ball...that is on my wish list...for sure...hes the MAN !!!

I was just thinking this morning that I should add a Cano ball to my wish list for next year.  He has certainly developed into a great player.



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