I periodically find items I'd really like to own and I figure the rest of you do too.

This thread is dedicated to the items we wish we had and would like to share. They don't have to be the most expensive items, but things that have special meaning for some reason or catch our eyes.


Thanks to Mr Zipper for posting the first thread of this similar nature.

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Since the holiday season is here I'll start with this signed check which was posted in the Charlton Heston thread. It had been sold at auction by a member. This item is exactly why I still peruse auction sites like eBay even though I'm not a daily or weekly buyer these days. This is the kind of unique item which stops onlookers like myself in their tracks.

This is simply breathtaking.

That is different and cool at the same time.


This Cassius Clay 1962 NY boxing license and application with Ali's fingerprints and signature is so cool. It's coming up for auction at Julien's and I've never seen one before. I have no boxing autographs but I saw this and fell for it. And I love that the fingerprints and his signature are on the same side. It would frame up incredibly well.

I'd get an authentication opinion from a pro, but it looks great to me.

Any idea what it's likely to bring?


Thanks for encouraging me to start this thread, Steve.

Here's the fingerprints/form from when Elvis applied for a conceal and carry permit.

It fetched over $80,000 in 2008!

Them item you posted is an awesome autographed piece of Muhammad Ali memorabilia. The price could really explode. Who really knows with these one-of-a-kind items. Though I think it can safely be said that the Muhammad Ali item will come in well below what Elvis' did.

Brick, my thanks to you for suggesting this topic. I love it.

And thanks for posting this Elvis permit application. Where did it sell?

I agree. I don't think the Cassius Clay boxing license will bring anywhere near the Elvis, but I don't have a clue how much. I don't know how many similar boxing licenses are out there (prints and signed) and what they've brought.

I'll take a guess though: $15,000-$25,000 or so. 

What do others think?

It sold at the Fame Burea in the UK.

I'd say your estimate is probably a tad high for what the Muhammad Ali piece will ultimately bring in. That's my opinion.

I just went to The Fame Bureau's site and checked their upcoming auction. They had a run of  signed guitars, including U2, Led Zep, Metallica and one by McCartney and Michael Jackson that looked very questionable to me. 

I haven't been to their site. I definitely don't vouch for the authenticity of their inventory. I only know of the fingerprints because I remember them selling and I looked it up. I got the pictures from press reports of them selling. The Elvis item I posted in particular does look good to me with a normal contract sign from Elvis. But I wouldn't purchase an item like that without multiple opinions beforehand.

I know you don't, Brick. I just was mentioning what I saw, which was worrisome. It's not unusual for good and bad to be mixed in, though. It's more common than not.

I don't doubt Elvis' gun permit at all. 


  How do forms like these get out? Are they not maintained x amount of years then destroyed? Would have to be originally stolen wouldn't it?

  Just curious.....

Are you talking about the Elvis gun permit application or the Ali? I was wondering the same thing about the Elvis particularly. 



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