Just curious what people here considered was the best company to go to for getting there stuff authenticated? I know Roger Epperson is a big name as he should be but he only offers letters of authenticity and I want to get a couple things slabbed.  I know theres PSA, JSA and Beckett, and a couple other smaller ones. just wondering what people consider the best for music autographs


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Let's see your items.

Here man, they both have Epperson LOAs and have been pre-approved  by Beckett and PSA's quick opinion services so not too worried about authenticity.  I was just curious which company was preferred when it came to sending your stuff in.  Although it looks like it takes months to get anything back from PSA.

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PSA has been decent when I've submitted. Under 2 weeks. Why do you think any additional LOA is necessary when you already have Epperson's?

Good question.  Honostly i dont but I'm interested in having them slabbed, and in the event that some day I want to sell them I was curious which was the stronger brand if that makes any sense?

IMO, all they are about the same. Their advantage is that they are approved eBay authentication services. As long as they remain approved I do not see a difference.

PSA has been around the longest and is the best known.

Brian, If you have a letter from Roger Epperson, just go ahead. For music autographs it remains the best for me.
Even PSA is excellent, but as times we are far away. When I send something to them, the least I wait to get my

From PSA the minimum is 24 days, while from Roger Epperson generally 7-8 days.

I get mine back from PSA much quicker than 24 days. I have also wanted more than 7-8 days for an Epperson LOA. Just my experience.

Best certificate are REAL, RRauction, TRACKS Uk and MEMORABILA Uk for music.

Yeah, I was more inquiring about encapsulation services.  I should have clarified.

For me, many times the psa or jsa or Beckett are no good for music.

And I say... the certificate is nothing for an expert buyer or an expert collector... 




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