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Will a grading service return a certified forgery rating, or just say it cannot be authenticated?

Apologies if this is rookie stuff but I've only sent 1 item ever to a grading service. It is a poor condition baseball w 20+ autographs on it. Among them many HOFers, and Mickey Mantle. I almost wished Mickey Mantle wasnt on this ball!!

The service said they picked one to grade, the Mantle, even though I tried to leave an open cc tab to look at more. They were undecided or undetermined(?) on that one autograph so they did not review the others. MY QUESTION: Would they have said it was a clear forgery or is it just a not authenticated grade? Ambiguous as that is. 

I tucked it away in a drawer. I've had enough fun with it already, but I'd love to share it's mystery w the community. Once I get the jist of resizing my photos, I'll post photos...

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They will give a "likely not authentic" rating (or something to that extent). but I believe they generally stop short of actually certifying anything as a forgery, no matter how bad it is. Might be for legal reasons?


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