Enjoy it guys, really loved the first album, hopefully this one will also be a banger.

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Thanks Yony! I picked up the CD. missed out on 1st album when it originally came out (his site and newbury). picked up the signed LP w/insert when he re-released it months later for Black Friday, still don't have a record player, so have not heard the full album yet. I'm on the mailing list, but never got the email about this one. 

Firework splatter vinyl with signed art card is available again

126 when I posted this.. 3 left now

Edit: sold out

135 back in stock.. looks like they are playing games, releasing in spurts. I might cancel my order if these end up not being that limited

110 left after an hour. Going much slower than yesterday. This is why I completely stopped caring about vinyl collecting today unless the album cover is signed. They manipulate the market by going in and out of stock, sometimes out of stock for months before coming back (daft punk) They take advantage of FOMO and get resellers to buy as well thinking they can make a quick buck.  Anything thats labeled as limited needs to have an exact print number or else "limited" could really mean selling in spurts until the market for them cools down and they decide to stop.

Pretty sure im canceling my order since I have newbury on preorder as well but theres plenty of time for that.. Newbury at least you know for sure how limited they actually are. The games they play to keep luring people in really upsets me. Mostly because I still fall for it lol

Absolutely right.

Even with the limited edition numbers they often play tricks.

A limited edition (400) orange edition could be followed by a (500) yellow, (300) purple, and so on.

Or it's advertised as limited to 400 in the US and then the same color shows up later in stores all over Europe as a retail exclusive.

I knew about the different colors.. one of my favorite bands as a teen was Fuel. They released 3 versions of Something Like Human on vinyl a couple years ago. That was when it started to sink in how they took advantage of me as a fan. Even though they are limited, 200, 300 and 500, of course I had to have all 3 versions. I dont exactly regret that one since that album is pretty special to me and I guess they have value if I ever want to unload them. I contemplated framing them with my autographed cd, drum sticks and guitar picks but it would take up a huge amount of wall space. Anyways, I think I have a dilemma, and then I see how many versions taylor swift has of her vinyls.. of course many in her fan base have to have them all.. its just crazy how they take advantage of fans to increase the coult of album sales and that so many people are blind to it.

I did not know about some that are limited in the US but retail exclusive overseas.. thats just criminal.. 

yeah, I'm starting to feel that way about a lot of stuff these days, limited doesn't really mean anything anymore unless it's limited to an advertised number and I'm not even sure they aren't manipulating that, can't remember which ones it was but there have been a couple lately that were limited to a certain number and appeared to sell out, only for more to be added. I also agree about the underhanded tricks they use to lure us in, which I keep falling for too lol

I talked about this with KD long ago who believed this hobby was turning into something similar to 90s baseball cards. It really seems to be true for a lot of things.. 

Just FYI, they increased inventory and currently have 795 more in stock. Im canceling my order for sure

yeah, it is starting to feel like that with the ridiculous amounts of these the artists are releasing days, I haven't yet but am probably going to change what I collect to just be the ones that are limited to a reasonable amount of items unless it's just a personal favorite artist. I used to just buy artists I liked but somewhere along the way got caught up in the hype and have bought tons from artists that I couldn't name one song of theirs lol. it is an addiction as I've seen a lot of people say.  

I think that the whole color vinyl boom and 'limited edition' boom is kinda overrated. It's just a way of the music industry to get more money off of physical media. I've also heard on Jamey Jasta's podcast that there's a rumor that the "shortage in vinyl pressing plants" is maintained on purpose by music industry executives to keep vinyl rare and expensive.

Overall I feel that vinyl has always been kind-of overrated. It's a bubble that will eventually explode, or it's exploding right now, I don't know... I buy vinyl only if it comes with an autographed insert or it's signed on the jacket, but I rarely listen to vinyl. As far as physical media goes, I'm all for CDs. I actually plan on selling off some of my non-signed vinyl records, just because I want more space for better merch.

Called it



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