Hey all! I am a vinyl collector and i never had an autograph before I just joined here :). I bought this from a thrift shop located on Turkey sadly no one gives a cr*p about vinyl's here so they are thrown all over the place. Today i bought this SGT.PEPPERS Album and i found a small torn note taped inside the cover unfortunately tape came right off when i fiddled with it since it looks pretty aged. Probably shouldn't have done that. There is also a small note on the back that i couldn't read and i guess some of the paper has torn and gone with the wind. Anyways what are your thoughts on this?

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I'm not sure about this. It's signed slower than usual and looks a bit different than normal, and I think it's probably not Lennon, but it could be. Let's see what others say. 

Thanks a lot for the opinion!  i'll hold on to the could be part for now :D. Hope to hear more opinions !

Slow and shaky, first letter to the last, including the doodle. Doesn't look anything like it was written by someone signing his own name all his life.

Doesn't look like a 67 lennon to me. Personally that caricature just screams no to me. Looks like a forgery of a later in life mid 70s on sig. The fact it is such a sloppy cut just screams wrong. It almost looks like one of those so cal forgeries by heroes and legends. 

I forgot to mention that the sleeve doesn't match with the Record itself it read capitol on sleeve with SMAS 2653 stereo written on back while the record is a parlophone 67 mono. So there is definitely something going on there. My guess is the signature is completely unrelated with the album itself maybe a collector put it together. Thanks alot for your comments on this. Also are there any examples of the cal forgeries so i can take a look to be sure?

 To me it just doesn't have the flow and fluidity of a john lennon of that period. Another huge red flag for me is the abrupt stop at the end of the signature. If you look at the authentic signature I posted below from RR auction you will know what I am talking about.

i understand. that stop is due to the original paper being torn! i can see the ink in the layer where it cut so i think it is torn in half.

John Lennon autograph with caricature all credit to RR auction. Everyone can use this for comparison. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

The caricature on mine looks rather sad compared to this haha. The signature looks fairly similar though i don't know is there a way to know for sure? 

I would love more people to weigh in on this maybe ballroom or roger epperson? I just can't get over all of the issues that scream no to me. Please reply if you agree with me and if you see the merit in all of the red flags I see. Also please weigh in yourselves.  

I would tend to agree with your assessment. The sig in question looks heavy-handed and slowly drawn in comparison to the authentic one you posted. My 2 cents.



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