www.autographbuy.com Selling forgeries in the name of Charity - A Shameless Scam

Every once in a while, you come across a scam so vile and hateful that it just pulls on your heart strings and enrages every blood cell in your body.  Today, I felt like this while crawling a website called autographbuy.com

This website is selling autographed items for ridiculously low prices and claiming they are 100% authentic and all the proceeds going to charity.  They are mixing authentic items with forgeries. But either way, I bet what you get in the mail is an absolute forgery of the item pictured, or you're flat out getting the forgeries listed on the website.

What's wrong with this you ask? Well besides the forgeries, they are using charities to sell their fakes. This is blatant fraud and pulling on the heartstrings of those who just want to support the charities. They know their items will sell because they are unbelievably priced and all proceeds supposedly being donated.

I have nothing against selling autographs to support charities. But I do draw the line when the autographs being sold are 100% fake. How can these people sleep at night? Is there even any proof that the money is donated? I highly doubt it seeing as the rest of the website seems like a criminal mastermind.

I will now link you some items featured on the site. First off, a Star Wars item that is authentic in my opinion, but being offered for a mere $49.99. They say in the listing, and I quote


100% money back Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee.

Why are our signed photos so cheap?  Because autographbuy.com is a charitable organization, all the revenue will be used for charity."


A fake Avengers cast signed photo offered on the site, again for the $49.99 price tag.


What is your opinions on this website? Does anyone know the owner of the website? Has anyone purchased from this website? If yes, what have you received in the mail?  After seeing many of the forgeries listed on their site, I believe they are a source for many forgeries I have seen over the years. I can only hope that the charities are made aware of the fraudulent activities and the customers can get their money back. It's a tough place to be in when you find out that the supposed charitable item you purchased wasn't real. Most people would decline a refund because they wanted to support the mission of the charity. This helps to allow the company to get away with the fraud. 

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A good article and only by exposing these creeps will there be a chance that at least one or two naive buyers will see this article and save their money. Very sad that so many cheat charities. I've never heard of these guys but Josh Board did a fantastic job of exposing Anthony Nurse and Charity Grow etc who did a similar thing.

The charity venue has been ripe with forgeries for years. My attorney purchased a Willie Mays autographed bat at a charity auction for $350. It was not only a pitiful forgery, the bat itself was a Chinese knock off of a Rawlings Big Stick (The stain was running, the logo was terrible). He didn't want to return it as doing so would take money out of the pocket of the charity (Who I believed received half the proceeds from the auction). Which is what these scam artists are counting on. 



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