Truth, this is only a curiosity point for me...the true value of this photograph is in the thoughtfulness of the great friend who gifted it to me many years ago, more important than the validity of the signatures. He purchased it for me as a gift from eBay, so this is obviously not in-person nor personalized.

But as I said, I am curious since I know there are a lot of these running around, so would appreciate opinions from those knowledgeable on the subject.

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Enjoy the thoughtfulness, I am sorry but this is definitely not authentic.

Appreciate the reply; I admit I assumed as much when he told me he purchased it on eBay. (Kinda like memory cards...wouldn't buy those on eBay either.)

One down (that I didn't get personally), two to go.

Hello, why not post what you have for opinions my friend? :) Perhaps better results next time?


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