How preposterous is it that Coaches Corner has a Babe Ruth signed baseball inscribed with the Date Babe Ruth gave his Hall of Fame speech.     Ruth was inducted in 1936 but the first induction speeches were done June 12th 1939 and somehow......magically......The Corner (Scott and Lee) get their hands on one.    It is going for a sad 200$ but I still find it appalling that Federal Agents do not raid these scum bags.   If this Ruth were real......what would it be worth?   A ball signed on the day he gave his HOF speech.......

Other auctions this month.   1 lot with 75 ~ 11x15 photos "signed" by "Ali"

A lot with 5 baseballs signed by Maris and Mantle 

How people like Martha Stewart go to jail and frauds like Scott and Lee get away with this for 25 years is mind boggling

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More from "THE CORNER" .....A John Hancock handwritten signed letter for 79$   Hilarious Scott and Lee!!

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More silly crap from the boys (Scott and Lee)

Every month Scott and Lee pull a Beetles signed baseball out of their.........

They have sold a grand total of 109 Beetles signed baseballs

Now let's really get a in the clowns.    We have a baseball signed by Picasso! 

And if you are that collector that likes rare oddities "the corner boys" have you covered.    How about a A freaking Babe Ruth signed ivory pipe.   Lol @ SCOTT AND LEE

Pablo Picasso signed baseballs!!!!!!!

I am surprised they don't have "blue period" balls ;)


COME ON...............

Too funny. That Beatles ball was clearly signed by 1 hand. It is a shame they are ruining all those balls.

Scott Malack and Lee Trythall have absolutely no conscience.

I have no idea how they sleep at night knowing the crap they've been selling for two decades.

IMO, they couldn't sleep at night unless they were hawking this crap. Unless that's a mini-baseball, maybe halfway between the size of a baseball and a golf ball, that's the largest Ruth signature on any baseball in existence.

Not only are the Ruths all by the same hand; all of the signatures are. At this point, going by the horrific quality of the forgeries, I can only assume that they feel so empowered by being able to get away with obvious fraud, that the forger isn't even trying. It looks like the forger knocked out all of these, one after the other, without even putting the same pen down, whoever was in the room saying to him, "Come one, come on... I'm starving. Let's go already, hurry up, God-damn you!".



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