Ok so on eBay is the holy grail of TAGS!! A album page supposedly signed on the desilu set back in the 60’s in pencil! I have talked to a couple of my buddies who have been collecting years more than me and they not I think this can possibly be real! They nor I have a piece signed by Mcnear, bavier, knotted and Andy on one item! I have all of these names but on separate items and so do my collecting buddies but in all our years never seen this! Of course it has a bid at $200 because people just don’t know. I wanted to get your thoughts? I think someone found a Don Knotts album page because the knotts looks authentic to me and added the others to increase the value and make it more desirable!! The andy looks off, the Mcnear believe it or not looks close! Thoughts anyone? Thanks for your input!! 

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This auction is apparently ending today with 2 bids but by the same person $199.  When it is something this rare and there is only 1 person bidding on it is very telling in and of itself. Not like quick buy it now lucky purchase. 

Since linked photos often have a way of disappearing I will put the picture of the autographs in question in this box just in case.

These signatures are absolutely positively no good. Stay away. 


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