RETA SHAW (1912-1982) was a wonderful character actress who often played tough domineering women.  She was in such movies as Mary Poppins, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and Picnic.  Best known on television in shows such as Bewitched, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Odd Couple and two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show among many others.  She is a scarce autograph in any form though perhaps not rare.  An 8x10 b/w signed photograph recently sold on eBay.  I was quite amazed although it is a very nice photograph and authentic in every way the amount was surprising.  I figured it would be in the $100-$200 range but the final auction price was $400!   Two very intense buyers were vying for the vintage photograph signed in 1967.   The original collector was Rita Corriveau who usually wrote where she sent for the autograph and the date.  Shaw appears to have started to sign then changed pens.  This will make a very nice addition to the winner's collection and I congratulate them. 

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I saw that on eBay. I had a nice album page signature from her on my site for $90 that sold over the weekend. I'm guessing my buyer was bidding on that Reta Shaw signed photo and the price got too high for him!

Thank you Gary that is a great vintage album page I have one in green ink from the 1950s when she was doing the play "Picnic." 

I was floored by the final price! The signature was not that clean either. I bid on it for a little while. However its got me thinking of listing my original 1960's b/w photo signed by another rare one Arthur Hunnicutt! If I could get $400 for it I would probably let it go! Although as soon as I do sell it I will find a chubby Johnson photo that would make a nice framed piece. That's about the only reason I have not considered it yet. I have hope to one day find a chubby Johnson!!

You know Tim, I was the same way I was shocked that it went for so much. I think the fact it was an 8x10 of undoubted authenticity played a big role.  I now expect some might put more Reta Shaw's up to test the water this often happens when a big price is realized.  Granted she is what I would classify as "scarce" not something that pops up a lot.  Just one of those cases where a good item goes for an unusual price.  I have paid next to nothing for some extremely rare ones because I was lucky, and have paid though the nose for some not so rare because I needed them.

As for Arthur Hunnicutt I always loved him as an actor especially his Twilight Zone episode.  Chubby Johnson is rare you just do not see him.  I am missing about 15 "wanted" autographs from TAGS though no individual one would reach the $400 mark.  I doubt I will complete the 15 since there a couple I have never even seen exemplars from.  That makes it hard to bid on too since you have to kind of trust your gut instinct and I do not like doing that.  I have let some pass by because I just was not sure they were legitimate.  I always figure I rather have an incomplete collection than a questionable one.



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